eXpert Data Science

Airbus Helicopters

“How Data Products Support the Growing
of Data Literacy within an Organization”

With data being named as “the new oil,” all companies dream of becoming data-driven. However, they soon realize that in practice this does not happen overnight, but is an ongoing process that requires constant improvement. How do they get there? This presentation focuses on onboarding data players and how to change the way people think about and use data. Timo Pötter will talk about how to motivate people, change their mindset and show them how they can contribute. He will talk about his experience in an aerospace company with a long history and highlight why data products are mandatory on this journey.


Timo Pötter is a graduated mechanical engineer who discovered his passion for IT, digitalization, and data science in particular. Starting his career as a PLM consultant and project manager on data migration, he became a data enthusiast and built up a transnational team of data scientists at Airbus Helicopters Engineering. Recently nominated as eXpert for data science at Airbus, he is in charge of discovering and delivering data science projects transversal. In addition, he is tasked with spreading knowledge and awareness about data in order to use it efficiently and drive transformation.