PasDaS 2024 | 11-12 April 2024

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Two in-person conference days to learn about the latest data management trends 

More than 15 expert speakers from all industries and science 

Exclusive networking opportunities with peers and thought leaders  experts and an unique evening event

Experience PasDaS 2024 

Join our community of data scientists, data enthusiasts and thought leaders across different industries. 
At the Passau Data Summit 2024, we are gathering once again for two eventful days of interesting presentations, unique networking opportunities and an outstanding evening event. As a participant, you will experience a platform to discuss trends and practical insights throughout the fields of data science and AI. All of this is rounded off with great food, an amazing location in Passau and awesome people.
Be there and be at the forefront of data innovation!

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All details are in the agenda! 

Check out the full conference program of PasDaS 2024—we got exciting talks for everyone curious about data management and AI in business and science.  


PasDaS is all about the people. Our selected speakers are what makes this conference special. 

We’ve gathered a great lineup of thought leaders and industry experts that will talk to you about their latest insights and how they foster innovation using data. 

ABOUT pasdas

About the Passau Data Summit – a conference unlike any other

PasDaS is not your standard conference with people in suits talking about business. We emphasize a personal, down-to-earth atmosphere, where all participants engage in open discussions and meet at eye level. You simply have to be there to experience it for yourself.    

Our speakers and participants love PasDaS 

After experiencing it once, most of our speakers and participants attend year after year again to get involved in this unique atmosphere and learn something new each time.

“If you are looking for a highly engaging exchange about the latest trends in Data Science, PasDaS is the place to be. Here, technical experts can meet at eye level and, in addition, deepen the conversations in the evening in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Martin Kemmer

PasDaS 2023 was yet again a great event. I’m looking back at interesting discussions, unique presentations at the conference and two excellent evening events. I am already looking forward be a part of PasDaS again next year!

Simon Dürr
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

Anyone attending the Passau Data Science Summit quickly notices that both participants and organizers are driven by a special passion for data science and AI. This is where you find like-minded people for a constructive, professional exchange and a space for new ideas and innovation.

Wolfgang Meißner
thyssenkrupp AG

Voices of PasDaS

Reviews from our participants 

Hear why top industry experts love PasDaS and what they enjoyed most about the event.

Join the unique experience.

PasDaS 2024 is going to be a blast! Set sails for the Data Summit you will never forget. Insights, Speeches and a great opportunity for networking are waiting for you. Register now!