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PasDaS 2024

Overview of all speakers, presentations, networking opportunities, and more. Find the whole schedule here.


PasDaS sounds pretty promising, right?

But as you clicked the agenda, you are looking for the hard facts.
No problem.
We are more than ready to prove the value of the Passau Data Summit to you! With our diverse speaker line up and detailed agenda, we can surely convince you of this conference.

Want to know a little secret?

The best about PasDaS is the food, drinks and of course: the people. The problem is—we can’t possible put that into an agenda. You will simply have to register and see for yourself. 

Thursday, 11 April 2024 | Day 1

Agenda pointTimeLocation
Registration & Coffee09:00Foyer, University of Passau
Prof. Dr. Harald Kosch
Vice President
University of Passau
09:30HS 10, University of Passau
Dr. Andreas Böhm (Founder & Managing Director) One Data GmbH
Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer (Chairholder for Data Science) Uni Passau
09:45HS 10, University of Passau
“AI Revolution: How Today’s Data Strategies Will Define
Tomorrow’s Success”

Ziye Wang
Head of Product Management
One Data GmbH
10:15HS 10, University of Passau
Coffee break10:45Foyer, University of Passau
“Adopting Deep Learning: From Recommendation in Medicine
to Anomaly Detection in ERP and Security Data”

Dr. Daniel Schlör
Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Würzburg
11:15HS 10, University of Passau
“Digitization, Democratization, Monetization:
Expand Data Product Use Through AI”

Martin Kemmer
Head of Smart Factory & OT4.0
12:00HS 10, University of Passau
“How to Become a Data Governance Champion!”
Lukas Gernoth (Senior Data Consultant)
Christian Schneider (D&A Evangelist)
Dataciders GmbH
12:30HS 10, University of Passau
Lunch break13:00Foyer, University of Passau
Deep Dive 1 | Data Products for Supply Chain (limited seats)
Daniel Kempter
Principal Data Scientist
One Data GmbH
13:45(IM) SR 033
Deep Dive 2 | Data Products for Financial Steering (limited seats)
Dr. Gregor Wiest
One Data GmbH
13:45(IM) SR 030
“Factual Coherence in Language Models”
Prof. Dr. Jörg Schlötterer
hessian.AI Junior Research Group Leader Philipps University Marburg
& Interim Professor University of Mannheim
University of Marburg
14:30HS 10, University of Passau
“Implementation of a Networking Capital (NWC) Steering Cockpit
at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG”

Sebastian Lieu (Head of Governance, Process- and System
Development Controlling/Accounting/Risk)
Mario Dauth (Manager Governance, Process- and System
Development Controlling/Accounting/Risk)
thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG
15:00HS 10, University of Passau
Coffee break15:30Foyer, University of Passau
Panel: “The Rise of Data Products”
Panelists: Deutsche Telekom Geschäftskunden GmbH,
E.ON Digital Technology GmbH, Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH,
OTTO (GmbH & Co. KG), Daimler Trucks AG
16:00HS 10, University of Passau
Emily Gorcenski Principal Data Scientist I am a Principal Data Scientist and Head of Data for Thoughtworks Germany. I have a background in research engineering and computational and applied mathematics. I work as a data and software engineer, developing and architecting data driven applications. I am a strong advocate for data journalism and have contributed research, materials, and expertise to multiple award-winning projects.“Data Mesh and the EU Data Act: How Data Products
Share Data between Organizations”

Emily Gorcenski
Principal Data Scientist & Data and AI Service Line Lead
17:00HS 10, University of Passau
Break & Networking17:30Foyer, University of Passau
Evening Event19:00Restaurant DAS OBERHAUS

Friday, 12 April 2024 | Day 2

Agenda pointTimeLocation
Welcome09:30Foyer, University of Passau
“OpenWebSearch.eu: Piloting an Open Infrastructure for Open Web
Search and AI”

Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer
Chairholder for Data Science
University of Passau
10:00HS 9, University of Passau
“How Data Products Support the Growing of Data Literacy
within an Organization”

Timo Pötter
eXpert Data Science
Airbus Helicopters
10:30HS 9, University of Passau
“Von Registern zu Smart Data Services” – (held in German)
Dr. Christian Wiesner
Head of IT-Architecture Strategy
AKDB – Anstalt für Kommunale Datenverarbeitung in Bayern
11:00HS 9, University of Passau
Brunch & Coffee break11:30Foyer, University of Passau
Deep Dive 3 | Data Products for Production Planning (limited seats)
Dr. Andreas Faltenbacher
Principal Data Scientist
One Data GmbH
11:45(IM) SR 030
Deep Dive 4 | Data Products for Process Mining (limited seats)
Magdalena Söldner
Principal Product Manager
One Data GmbH
11:45(IM) SR 033
“What Do Large Language Models Know About Language?”
Prof. Dr. Annette Hautli-Janisz
Junior Professor of Computational Rhetoric and Natural
Language Processing
University of Passau
12:30HS 9, University of Passau
„Steelivery – von den Daten bis zur Dose (from Data to Product)“
(held in German)
Kai Suelmann (Head of Product Planning Design)
Jens Weiberg (Senior Project Manager)
thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG
13:00HS 9, University of Passau
Wrap up
Dr. Stefan Roskos
Managing Director
One Data GmbH
13:30HS 9, University of Passau
Brunch & Networking13:45Foyer, University of Passau
End of Event15:00University of Passau