Head of Smart Factory & OT4.0


“Digitization, Democratization, Monetization:
Expand Data Product Use Through AI”

In his presentation “Digitization, Democratization, Monetization: Expand Data Product Use Through AI,” Martin Kemmer narrates SCHOTT’s journey from the early stages of digital transformation to leveraging AI for enhancing data product utility and accessibility. He emphasizes the transition towards a data-driven organization, envisioning a future where users independently request, build, and use data products, underlining the importance of acceptance and change management. Martin explores the potential of data monetization and new services as avenues for growth, positioning the strategic use of data products as a cornerstone for innovation and operational efficiency.


Martin Kemmer’s passion for combining the world of data and software with classic manufacturing processes and understanding the business value behind it is a driver spanning over his whole career. After studying Computer Science and Technology in Ravensburg and Tübingen he already jumped into the world of manufacturing at ZF Friedrichshafen and VOITH. Noticing that there are even more perspectives to the combination of Computer Science, Data and Manufacturing Processes, he completed another master’s degree (Executive MBA, Technology Management) at RWTH Aachen. This equipped him perfectly for his role at SCHOTT where he was leading the department of Solutions and Portfolio Management and is now freshly appointed Head of Smart Factory & OT4.0.