Manager Governance, Process- and System Development Controlling/Accounting/Risk

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

“Implementation of a Networking Capital (NWC) Steering Cockpit at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG”

Implementing a Networking Capital Management and Steering System is vital for optimizing working capital and enhancing financial resilience in modern businesses. Through comprehensive assessment and advanced analytics, organizations can gain insights into cash flow dynamics and liquidity requirements. Integration of technology solutions facilitates automation and real-time visibility, while fostering a culture of collaboration ensures profitability, strengthened supplier and customer relationships, and enhanced operational efficiency.
Although the benefits of an implementation are undisputable, embracing innovation and alignment of technology with overall business objectives come with challenges which are inevitable.


Mario Dauth studied Business Administration at the Fachhochschule für Wirtschaft in Köln and has collected over a decade of experience in finance and accounting. Mario has been part of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG since 2017. In his current role of Manager Governance, Process- and System Development, he contributes with his expertise to drive forward the company’s financial processes and developments.