Senior Data Consultant

Dataciders GmbH

“How to Become a Data Governance Champion!”

Dive into the world of data governance, discover how to become a data intelligence company with the help of data products.

But we’re not just talking about theory here, we’re taking you on an exciting journey!  

Why? Because we show that data governance is more than just boring control. It’s the key to a 360-degree view of your data, end-to-end compliance and clear data management.  

But wait a minute, there’s not just light in the data world, there’s shadow too! That’s why we’re not only giving you clear recommendations (DOs), but also a few warnings (DON’Ts).  

The topics and assertions are backed up by a data governance study. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to become a Data Governance Champion! 


Lukas Gernoth, Senior Data Consultant at Datalytics, studied business informatics and has extensive industry experience in Automotive, MRO and Pharma. In his role, he is responsible for data governance and acts as a data steward in various consulting projects. Lukas uses his expertise to develop data-driven solutions and support companies in the effective use of their data.