Emily Gorcenski Principal Data Scientist I am a Principal Data Scientist and Head of Data for Thoughtworks Germany. I have a background in research engineering and computational and applied mathematics. I work as a data and software engineer, developing and architecting data driven applications. I am a strong advocate for data journalism and have contributed research, materials, and expertise to multiple award-winning projects.

Principal Data Scientist & Data and AI Service Line Lead


“Data Mesh and the EU Data Act:
how Data Products Share Data
between Organizations”

The forthcoming EU Data Act is opening up data to users and customers, with one consequence being a rise in B2B data sharing. Many companies welcome this legislation: they’ll finally be able to use data from laboratory equipment, manufacturing equipment, vehicle fleets, and more. But right to access doesn’t imply ease of use. Fortunately, data products are designed for exactly the kind of inter-organizational, governed data sharing we expect the Data Act will mandate. This talk will cover how Data Mesh and Data Products will simplify sharing and accessing data across organizational boundaries.


Emily Gorcenski is a Principal Data Scientist at Thoughtworks Europe and serves as the Data & AI service line lead. A graduate in Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Emily’s expertise lies in Numerical Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification. She has made significant strides in aerospace control systems, signal processing, video game development, and occupational therapy for rehabilitation, amongst others. Her background has given her a different perspective on data engineering and product design, and she’s used her background to help develop Data Mesh theory and practice at Thoughtworks.