One Data GmbH

In this session, we will explore a use case showcasing the utilization of data products in financial steering. Join us to discuss a real-world project example, revealing how a financial department leveraged data products to navigate complex financial landscapes and drive success. 

Throughout our discussion, we’ll delve into the typical challenges encountered during implementation and the innovative strategies employed to overcome them. In an interactive dialogue, we’ll illustrate how this approach enhanced financial decision-making processes, boosting efficiency and efficacy. 

Join us for an engaging exploration at the intersection of finance and technology, and explore the invaluable role of data products in financial steering.

The session is led by Dr. Gregor Wiest, sharing his insights as a CFO/COO at One Data. 


Gregor Wiest studied Finance at Northeastern University in Boston and went on to do a PhD at RWTH Aachen University, which he completed in 2011. He subsequently gained experience in various managing positions, including as a team lead at Bain & Company and managing director at Biber Ventures. He also started his own business, GuLoKa GmbH. As Head of Innovation & Digital Transformation at ERGO Group AG, he was responsible for the company’s global innovation activities for more than six years. As of 2022, he has channeled his extensive IT and management expertise into his role as Chief Operating Officer of One Data.